Meditation on the market square

This meditation is called ‘meditation on the market square’  because for this meditation, you go to a place where there are preferably a lot of people.

You sit, relaxed, feet on the ground, feet hipwith, a long line between tailbone and crown, your chin tucked in so that your crown really is the highest point. You keep your eyes open. Breathe, slowly into your belly, deep in and out.

Start to look around. Watch the people sitting, walking by. Watch yourself…are you judging?

When you find yourself judging about those around you, go back to your breathing. You might want to close your eyes to pull your attention inward.

When you are fully into your breathing, start watching again, until you stumble on your next judgement. And repeat, repeat, repeat.

Don’t judge your judging! Make it a playful experience.

Have fun doing this meditation and feel free to let me know how you are doing with it.

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