Monument ‘Thornse Molen’

I had driven past it before, wondered what is was exactly, so I did what I alsways do: seaching for information and visit the site, feel the energy.

In this region (my residence and surrounding area) there are quite a lot of monuments that remind us of  WW2. A whole new monument, this monument, called ‘Menschenkinder’ (human children), was added in March 2020. The theme is ‘herinnering 75 jaar vrijheid’ (remembrance 75 years of freedom).  It’s a monument that focuses on the suffering of the population who had to leave home and hearth during evacuation, when this area came to be on the frontline. And as for me, this piece of art is an invitation to explore your own boundary experiences.

The group of 30 oak figures is designed by Anne Thoss from Kleve. Kleve is a city in Germany, just across the border. This work of art is located at the Thorn Mill. It is also one of the starting points of a new walking route that is approximately 6 kilometers long and runs through The Netherlands as well as through Germany.

These figures dipict fleeing war, madness and inhumanity in the past and the present. I found a visit to this monument and sharing the figures with all of you, very important for the time in which we now live.

The madnes is becoming more and more apparent…no logic anymore… We can see the hollow eyes of the statues…We all know the hollow eyes above the unhealthy masks…

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