Guest Bloggers


Hi! Let me introduce myself: my name is Mary and I would like to blog with Myoki about how health and lifestyle are part of a healthy lifestyle. I work part-time in a healthshop and because of that, I receive anongoing training in orthomolecular medicine, health foods and so on. Furthermore, I am trained as a foot reflexologist and as a Chinese Medical Massagetherapist (Tuina).

Apart from my work in the healthshop, I also have my own home practise by the name of Harmoqi.

I suffer from a chronic sleeping disorder and chronic fatigue. Because regular Western medicine was not able to fix my challenge, I started the aforementioned education.

I am convinced there is a lot you can do to change your lifestyle to improve your well-being. Through the blogs, I would love for you to share my knowledge.

Lysanne Sizoo

Hi, my name is Lysanne Sizoo and after 55 yearsof zigzagging through life, I’ve understood myself to be tasked with helping people give birth to their soul consciousness. I sometimes joke that I don’t work in the higher spheres of enlightened beings, which I most certainly don’t, but atthe coalface of life. I am privileged to witness the dawnof the littleegoic self, grudgingly beginning to allow some of the loving light of the higher Self to come streaming down. To hold a hand when it is frightenedto be obliterated and keeps on opening and closing the door. And to there to celebrate when the delicate touch a loving inner witness becomes the internalised midwife that helps the sun of your soul illuminate the fool moon of your little egoic self.

The worldly tools that I carry in this life are an Main Psychosynthesis psychotherapy, often referred to as the psychology with a soul. I also hold a BA degree in journalism and diploma’s in Humanistic and group counseling. My growing interest in modern astrological approaches such as Human Design and Gene Keys, have led to being one of the first Gene Key ambassadors to go through the training with founder Richard Rudd. In the past four years I have dedicated much of my time to translating his work: The Gene Keys, Unlocking the Higher Potential Hidden in your DNA.

But far more importantly, the tools of loving self-acceptance and forgiveness were honed by a loving creator who goes by many names. Although at the times these life lessons felt like unnecessary and cruel curveballs getting in the way of my independently chosen course, today I see the five miscarriages that woke me up to my own soul consiousness, the early loss of my parents, and other unforseen life events, to be the greatest gifts on my passage through life. And I give great thanks for my beautiful son, the greatest teacher of all. I have learned that you can’t change what happens to you in life, but you can most certainly change your attitude!

Hi everyone,

My name is Pepine van den Berg and sometimes Myoki asks me to write a little piece on her blog.

I am married, have two young adult children and I live in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

For as long as I can remember I was interested in alternative medicine, like homeopathie, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda etc. And because I was so interested in it, my mom took me to several practioners, to give a wider perspective on my stomach ache, my anxiety and sleeping problems.

Later on, in my late twenties I became interested in energy healing as well and went to see a chakratherapist to help me overcome my burn-out at the time.This put me on the path of becoming a therapist myself and in search of what could really help me understand  my chronic fatigue, anxieties, sleeping problems and chronic pain issues.

I became a chakra therapist myself in 2001 and started my own practice. But over the years, and especially when I came in contact with David Bercelli and TRE (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises), I came to understand that I suffered from developmental trauma. This was a totally new  concept for me. And it checked all my symptoms!

In 1970 I was born at 28 weeks and put in neonatal intensive care for 2,5 months. At the time, when you survived and you thrived and did well in school, that was it. No harm done. But nobody talks about the long-term effects and little is known. I didn’t know that my infant nervous system at the time had been traumatised by my (life saving) treatments and seperation from my mum and dad and that I had been suffering from a disregulated nervous system all those years.

Understanding how trauma works in the brain and in the nervous system and learning tools to regulate my nervous system has led me to have a very balanced life right now with more energy and happiness. I do have bad days though, but more good days than bad days.

And I am so happy to facilitate others to recognize their chronic stress patterns and help them on their path to regulation. It’s a job I love and am very grateful for!