About me

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Hi, my name is Myoki. This is not the name I was given at birth, but by my Zen Master, when I was initiated as a Buddhist nun in April 2017.

In the past, I was a social worker (specialism women’s help, sexual/physical abuse, domestic violence) , a hatha yoga teacher and a Chinese Medical therapist (specialisms: movement, massage, internal organs). I also have my degree in Western basic medical knowledge. Currently, I follow a herbalist training.

Please note: when you have a medical issue, contact your doctor. I cannot diagnose you from afar! These blogs are meant to inform you and/or give you an other outlook.

I had a home practice for over 25 years. Due to my own health challenges, I am no longer able to have a practice, so the idea was born to start blogging about health. healthcare, healthy lifestyle, food and so on.

You are most welcome to give subjects you would like to read about. I will do the research and write the blog. There will be new blogs every month.

Also, English is not my native language, so please correct me if  I am wrong. Let’s learn together and join in!

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