The child’s brain is an incredible powerful organ that needs a lot of attention to grow and develop in the right way. In the first years of life, the most important patterns and neural networks are established.

Children nowadays have to endure a lot of stimuli. Specially in these virus times! Think about this ‘testing’ and ‘vaccination’ and all the imprints and manipulations they get on this subject. Not to long ago, I saw an advertisement that showed a child and his grandpa playing and hugging. The next shot was the grandpa in the hospital implying it was the child’s fault… Indoctrinating a child with guilt is so low in my opinion! I was disgusted. Is this the way you want to bring up the next generation? What impact will those manipulations have, short and long term?

A lot had changed for children over the years. Think of playing outside with other kids versus being inside behind the computer/playstation fex. Unfortunally, we see the number of brainrelated diseases such as depression, stress and obesity also increase very quickly among children.

What might be a solution in these challenging times?

  1. Pod-learning.

I heard of pod-learning from an American guy from Texas, way before this virus swept over MotherEarth. So, pod-learning might be more known in de USA than in Europe. Specially in these virus times, with mandatory testing and injecting, pod-learning seems such a good alternative.

What is it? Pod-learning is the bringing together of a group of children (max. 10), who are taught together under the inspiring leadership of a hired teacher/teachers.

The lessons can be given alternately in the homes. You could see it as a professionalized form of homescholing. You get to pick/hire a teacher, you will be way more involved in the curriculum of your child(ren). In the supervision, the emphasis is on discovering and further developing the talents already present. The emphasis is on teaching children HOW to think, instead of WHAT to think; what seems to be the trend in the schools nowadays in my country anyway. Pod learning can be done from the very first day of school to university.

  • Writing. Children’s diaries are on the market today! In the diary, the child sets to work on certain themes. Writing helps them understand their own brain and makes them aware of their mindset, focus and lifestyle. Writing increases concentration and reduces stress (in people large and small!). By naming things, by writing them down you make them concrete. It improves learning and thinking ability and it improves mood and creativity.

!   Because writing offers so many benefits, I am working on the development of a writing training that you will be able to find in the webshop in due course!

Let me know if you would be interested in this course and what you would like to find in the webshop.

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