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Non-violent communication

Having spend an amount of time on social media, I came across this a lot: the use of violent en disrespectful words. People reacting agressive/defensive

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Lift legs

Since we are still living in challenging times, another way of stress release. Lay on your back and put your legs up a door or

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.....LIBERATION..... walk..... FREEDOM.....

Monument ‘Thornse Molen’

I had driven past it before, wondered what is was exactly, so I did what I alsways do: seaching for information and visit the site,

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Apart from the fact that mungbeans are wonderful to detoxify your intestines, you can also train with them. Yes you can! They can be used

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Welcome to my healthblog. This blog is for everyone who is interested in health and what comes with it, because health is not just the absence of illness. 

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