Gut cure after chemical antibiotics

Last month, I wrote a blog on antibiotics. If you are/were in need of chemical antibiotics, please know that those antibiotics don’t only kill bad bacteria, but also the good ones.

The first step after chemical antibiotics is detoxify. Detox takes place via liver/gall bladder, skin and kidneys. You can help your liver/gall bladder by taking milk thistle or dandelion. You can help your skin by using elderflower or tricolor pansie and you can help your kidneys by using birchleaf, goldenrod or nettle. Take one herb per organ, mix equal parts and make tea of the mixture. Drink 3 cups a day.

Second step is the rebuilding of the intestional flora. This is done by following a healthy diet. What would be a healthy food choice in this stage? Green leafy vegetables, fresh herbs, sprouts, extra micronutrients in smoothies, natural nuts and seeds, pure plant oil. Of course no sugar, no other stimulants, fastfood and preferably no dairy products. Do take pre- and probiotics.

The third step is rebuilding your resisivity. And how do you do that?

* By moving in the open air. Start walking or riding a bike.

* Don’t use your heater too much in colder periods: rather put on a warm sweater and warm socks. This is also better from an environmental point of view.

* Take change-over showers; start with warm, end with cold water.

* Enough sleep promotes recovery and resistance.

* Of course healthy food.

* Plants that promote resistance are: ginseng, thyme, camomile, marigold and echinacea.

And the last step is…it takes time…and the rebuilding needs your patience…

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