The mineral Magnesium plays an important role in the body. This mineral is rightfully a centipede. It works upon: the bone production, maintaining strong bones, is important for strong teeth. It provides support in reducing fatigue. It is partly responsible for the proper functioning of the nerves. It has a good influence on the cell […]


In the stress common thread, I now would like to address yoga as a possibility to reduce stress and burn-out. There are different types of yoga. In this blog I will give three. The traditional form of Hatha yoga consists essentially of body exercises (the so called asana’s), breathing training and relaxation. Body and mind […]

Trauma 2

One of last months blogs, dealt with the subject of trauma. Trauma is an energetic impact on your system that can occur when something happens that makes you feel unsafe and scared. This can cause a series of chain reactions in your body and unsettle the chemicals in your brain. Trauma is hard for the […]

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