Fennel is very versatile. Actually, you can use fennel from the cradle to the grave. You can use the herb, the booms, f.ex. in herbal oil. You can use the fennel tuber in salads in the summer, you can put it in the oven, you can stew the fennel and you can stir-fry it with […]

Summer depression

What? Summer depression? Yes, summer depression! Many people are familiar with winterdepression, but some people also are familiar with summer depression. In Chinese medicine, winter is the most yin period, all energy goes inward and summer is the most yang period, the energy goes outward. Yang cannot exist without yin and yin cannot exist without […]

More about stress

The hypothalamus is the part of our brain that regulates movement,  thought, action and reaction, so, our emotions. It regulates our body temperature, our sex drive and pro-creation, feelings of hunger and thirst, sleeping rhythm, high/low bloodpressure, heartbeat and our hormones. The hypothalamus takes care of the production of adrenaline when you feel threatened or […]


Fermentation Fermenting vegetablesmight not be something you have thought of. Still, it is something you could add to your healthy diet.  It’s way stronger than probiotics and contains a lot of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Fermented vegetables is one of the most healthy food. What is fermenting? During fermentation, we let vegetables rot in a controlled manner, using lactic acid bacteria. […]

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