What happened?

Well, a lot! And that is why I wasn’t very active on my blog.

  • As most of you know, Dwarrel got the diagnosis thyroid cancer. He was coughing, so I took him to the vet, the vet referred me to the animal clinic. Dwarrel has had coughing periods before. I was told he has chronic bronchitis. I thought this might be a reocurrence of it, so this diagnosis was devastating. I needed time to get myself back together. And not just that, but Dwarrel was put on prednison, which means he has to go out in the middle of the night, which means I am pooped during the day. The things we do for love. Uncondtional love for my little man!
  • Some of you might know that I had two litters with Dwarrel. His last-born son, Aggie, from first litter died on March 9, which was also a shocker.
  • The Netherlands was the first European country to have national elections after the virus outbreak a year ago and boy, what an election it was! We could chose from 37 parties. For the first time in my life I joined a political party, for the first time I did more than ‘just vote’. 

Our cabinet stepped down last January due to a scandal and is now voted back in, by a large majority even…

A party that is pro medical apartheid, became the second biggest political party in my country. It’s beyond me how this could even happen, but maybe the Stockholm syndrome is the correct answer to this question. A blog on this subject will come soon.

  • A growing number of people are having growing concerns about the measures around this virus. A lot of initiatives, a lot of protests every single week. And more and more agression from the police and mobile unit. By showing this agression on my Facebook account, I got censored. Again. What a time to live in…

That’s my update for now. I hope you are happy and healthy and doing well in every way.


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What happened?

Well, a lot! And that is why I wasn’t very active on my blog. As most of you know, Dwarrel got the diagnosis thyroid cancer.

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