An additional blog in an attempt to indicate the time we live in. In this blog, I would like to address powermechanisms. I would say: read on and mayby you will recognize something…

First, I would like to mention hard power. Hard power is the use of military and economic means to influence the behavior or interests of other political bodies/people. Think f.ex. of building a wall. Looking at the past: almost all wars are based on media lies, on suspicion and propaganda and not on facts. And this is probably one of the few ways to incite people to go to war.

Then there is soft power. And that’s where cognitive science can come in handy. Cognitive science is a relatively young branch of science that focusses on the study of cognitive functions. These functions are considered to be perception, to think, to learn, mobility and language use. It is an interdiscipline between psychology, neuroscience, computer science, linguistics and philosophy. Cognitive science can be used in advertising and for the transmission of messages such as from government to people. This science knows more about our functioning than we do. At least she knows our weaknesses for manipulation. Persuasion might be a more friendly word…

When cognitive science is cooperating with the power, the masses can be controlled and democracy is undermined. Functioning democracy also needs independent journalism to inform and monitor the agenda. When the media go with the power and fall into endless repetition of a message, the message becomes true, even if it is not the truth. The media can encourage the agenda of divide and conquer, because the individual is more easy to control than the masses…specially when people are (fearful) locked up in their houses. I have come to call those lockdowns: ‘the great indoors project’.

Then there is the real power. What is, who has the real power in this world?  The Central Banks of course. They stand above politics. The governments are merely the salesmen of their agenda. Then there are the NGO’s (non governmental organisations). The United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organisation and my country gives up more and more national power to Brussels.

This virus situation suits Central Banks very well to get rid of a failing monetary system, without having to take the blame, and to put the population into a different reality, as they call it: ‘inclusive capitalism’.

Enough said… Should you still be fearful: if you don’t read the media, there is no fear. I personally came to love the off-button.

Decide who you want to be, in what kind of society you want to live and unite with like-minded people. As it is said:

Think it into existence

Speak it into existence

Write it into existence

Work it into existence.

I wish you happiness, health and a lot of discernment for 2021!

Lots of love from Holland as always,


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  1. Love this article! It is so truthful and a transparent view of what is happening in the world today! I truly feel our freedoms slipping away from us and have a feeling of the pre-Hitler era coming. We are not allowed to meet in large groups but people are permitted to riot, loot burn and do other illegal things but can not have family get togethers, go to church, or have other legal meetings. At this point in time I feel we are in serious trouble.

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