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Welcome to this extra blog. I am writing this blog on December 16, the first day of yet another lockdown. We went from an intelligent lockdown in the spring, to a soft lockdown in the fall and this time it is a hard lockdown according to our PM yesterday evening. He spoke to the people that we had to stick to the measures. In the background there were clearly audible protests going on. Anyway, this blog will come online on December 24, so that it can serve as ‘food for thought’ over Christmas for you dear readers.

Let me get straight to the point. I am not a virus denier by any means. However, I do have a critical mind. You see, there have always been viruses as long as humans exists. Some will get sick, some will die of a virus. As far as I know, this particular virus has not yet been isolated till today…

In my country, from day one, we were made fearful of death and we were informed that only a vaccine could get us out of this situation and we could go back to ‘normal’ after vaccination. My first thoughts were: why not informing people about a healthy lifestyle? Why not find proper treatment/medication? And what’s with silencing/censoring doctors that became more and more obvious over time?

We are now 9 months into this virussituation, and nobody really knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that any of the measures taken are helping…Can I say that society has become a (behavioral) laboratory? Because, look:

  • There is disagreement about the masks. From the beginning we were told that masks would not help, that wearing them would just be a form of false security, that they were just for a behavioral experiment. Since December 1, they are suddenly mandatory in my country…
  • There is disagreement about the PCR tests, of which the inventor/maker has said that his test is not suitable for testing (the presence of) this virus. Yet the entire policy (all the measures) are based on this test…
  • Normally it takes years to develop a vaccine. Now there suddenly seem to be several vaccines. The vaccines seem to have serious side effects (think of death, paralysis, severe allergic reactions). Getting back to ‘normal’ after vaccination as was said? Nope. There will still be measures for a period of time…

Will I take this vaccine? No! Am I an anti-vaxxer? No! I had all kinds of well developed and well tested vaccines. Should you take the vaccine? That’s for you to decide. The only thing I say is, don’t follow the leader blindly. Do your own research, ask questions, weigh risks and benefits, because vaccination should only be given with your informed consent. So, be absolutely sure you are properly informed. Be aware that Big Pharma is not going to take any reponsability should something go wrong. And be aware that this is a virus. Viruses have the habit of changing, like the flu-virus.

Some say that this is a ‘medical crisis’. And partly it is in my country, because considerable cutbacks have been made in healthcare in recent years. There have been beds- and staff shortages for years now. Every flu-season this problem occurs.

In my opinion it is even more of an ‘ethical crisis’ on different levels. In this particular virussituation, regular care has been scaled down. Many people with for example heart/coronary disease and cancer are not getting the help they need, or too late. Who makes this assesment and why and is it ethically responsible?

I think it is fair to say, that everything we love (our fundamental rights, our privacy, our freedom in every aspect of life) is offered on the altar of this virus. This virus that has been found not deadly for most people. Healthy people, the lives of healthy people, are offered and for what? SME’s are going bankrupt, but Big Pharma and Big Tech earn truckloads of money. It is said: money is power and power corrupts. I think fear is a bad counselor, but a wonderful tool to enforce control…

There, I said it. For me the word of 2020 is: control. We have climate Control, the Control of this virus, groups who want Control, thought Control through censorship…Perhaps some people have come to believe too much in the illusion, in the concept of (social) engineering?

 I think the questions that we should all be answering for ourselves are:

  • who do you want to be
  • and what kind of society do you want?

And when you found your answer, unite with like-minded people for support.

I will leave you to ponder over this, hoping you will find your own answers.

Wishing you all a very Merry  Christmas and don’t forget to regularly raise the corners of your mouth.

Sending love as always,


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