Fearporn part 3

‘You are only scared when the media tell you to be scared. The monster under your bed is not real.’ Naomi Seibt.

And didn’t the media do a perfect job in this virus situation? Anyway, this is part 3 in the series on fear. In the previous blog on this subject, I talked about immediate fear and diffuse fear. In this blog I would like to look back at the time this virus broke out and I would like to look into diffuse fear some more.

The virus broke out. A nasty virus. As long as humanity exists there are viruses. There will always be viruses. People will get sick of viruses and people will die from viruses. Life ends in death. It is that harsh. Having said that, what is different this time, is that fear also arose on the level of politics. Also on that level, a narrowing of the view from fear. So called experts, took the place of chosen politicians and with that, democracy was already on a slippery slope.

What I had not seen before in my life, happened: the economy was shut down. This has given many victims outside of the virus. It has actually caused more victims than the virus itself. To name a few: an increase in suicides, scaling down regular care demands victims, people that will come out of this crisis with anxiety and other mental health problems, an increase in famine, an increase in debts, an increase in evictions, an increase in bankruptcies. Many adverse effects are now known: on elderly, on children, schooling and therefore on knowledge level, on the whole social construct. You may wonder if the remedy is not worse than the disease….These developments were foreseen, but disappeared in the coverage of the mainstream media to the perifhery. The media has played a significant role in the creation and maintenance of fear within the individual.

Of course, before the virus broke out, there were already signs that a crisis was emminent. There were feelings of social unease. Those signs included for example:

  • an increase in the use of anti-depressants.  
  • We have been in a period of upscaling, globalization and an increase in technology. As a result, people no longer see their (work) efforts in the endresult, which leads to:
  • Burnout, disconnections, feelings of meaninglessness and alienation.

Then the virus broke out and what do you see happening? All energy goes to the virus and some judgement and some historical understanding of what is was like before the virus outbreak, disappears because of fear. A group psychology arises, a group pressure and a polarization. A story arises around the object of fear (in this case the virus).

After the initial acute fear, diffuse fear arises. Man tolerates diffuse fear very badly, because he cannot link the fear to anything, as I already wrote in my previous blog. And what do you see happening in a time like this?  Groups such as BLM work their way into the spotlights and more nationalistic feelings come to the surface. The virus has become an enemy and if you link that to warlike language (‘we are going to defeat the virus together’), the fear is bound to an object and man can tolerate it better.

The fact remains, that the sowing of fear, division and confusion, is a sublime and highly reprehensible power/control technique. I suspect that this process is taking place worldwide.

I would like to hear it from my foreign readers, so feel free and contact me!

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