WALK 2, September 2, 2020

This was not really a walk; I heard that our mayor opened an exhibition about the making of the movie ‘A bridge too far’ (a very well known movie about the WWII) which was now on display in the Information centre WWII. This centre is located in the inner City of Nijmegen, the oldest city of the Netherlands with the oldest shopping district. I think it is essential to keep remembering, because soon WWII will be history and not memory anymore. It is an important part of our history. And there is a huge ‘lesson learned’ in there if you want to see it.

It is not a big centre or anything, but it is totally impressive, in my opinion.

  • There was information about the making of the above mentioned movie.
  • There were books and gadgets for sale.
  • You could click on a button in the wall and different aspects of Operation Market Garden were shown. Wow, technology stands for nothing!
  • And there was a 3D movie on WWII in Nijmegen. The whole of 5 years WWII in 8 minutes. For people who actually were alive, who lived it, it must have felt like ages…

Because of this modern technique, it really felt like I was there, that I was IN there. So impressive! And I had a most wonderful conversation with a guy that was working there about the tendencies which led up to WWII and the same sort of tendencies we see happening now with this virus.

Today, we live the future of yesterday and today is tomorrow’s history. Having said that, I make the leap to the virus situation today. I see similarities today with way back when…

This is one of them…In the movie it was talked about the fact that the MOST people complied to the enemy (like 95%!), few colaborated and some resisted. This really shocked me to the core.

My question to you is: what role do YOU play in this virus situation?

  1. Do you comply?

Do you follow the 1,5 meter society?

Do you wear masks?

Did you download the app?

Fill out forms to see you loved ones who are living in homes?

Fill out forms to have access to pubs, restaurants?

Without asking questions?

  • Do you colaborate?

Do you point out the rules to your fellow citizins?

Do you call a click line?

Do you bash people with a different opinions?

  • Or…are you resisting in any way?

Do you bypass sanitary stations?

Do you demonstrate?

Do you use your words/keybords?

Any other deeds?

Do not give a socially desirable answer to yourself, or make excuses, but be honest.

Feel free to let me know!

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