Plastics in your bathroom

Eline wrote a blog on plastics a while ago. There are currenly 5 trillion kilos of plastic waste in the sea; 50% of which have been used only once. And…it takes 450 years to break it down…

I am making my bathroom more environmentally friendly and so in this blog I would like to discuss alternatives for plastics in your bathroom. I am now in the middle of testing each and every product and when I am finished, I will write a review on the products.

  • As an alternative for your plastic toothbrush, you could find one made of bamboo. Bamboo is one of the most environmental friendly materials on earth. In the photo you can see a bamboo toothbrush as well as bamboo interdental brushes. I found mine in a store called Dille & Kamille. I am pretty sure you can order them through internet as well.
  • As an alternative for toothpaste in plastic packaging, you could buy toothtabs. You chew on the tabs, they will start working and you can start brushing. The tabs come in little glass packages, which you can re-use later if you are so inclined. I found mine at Dille & Kamille, and, again, I am pretty sure you can order it through internet.
  • I found a brand called HappySoaps. This company is founded by two brothers. Their mission is a plastic-free cosmetics market;  a mission I fully support. So, they make plastic-free cosmetics and they also have no plastic packages. They have bodysoaps in all kind of smells as a replacement for showergels, as well as shampoo bars in all kind of smells as a replacement for shampoo in plastic bottles.
  • HappySoaps also have deodorant. The deodorant comes in little tin cans and can be bought in different smells.
  • Then I found re-usable cottonpads. They come in a plastic-free bag and you can wash the pads in this same bag too.
  • And there are also re-usable cottontips. I ordered those through internet.
  • Last but not least: you can download an app (for free!) by the name of BTMB (micro bead). When you go out shopping, this app tells you which products contain micro plastics. I found this app very handy.

Have fun finding alternatives for plastic in your household and feel free to share your findings!

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