What happened…

In my country, virus measures are lifting and many people are enjoying the warm and dry weather. This hasn’t been an easy time for a lot of people for different reasons. And I also know some people who did remarkably well during what was called the ‘intelligent lockdown’.

For me personally, it was a time to take a good look at my life, my trauma responses and my work. And putting on ‘new glasses’ leads to changes!

In the last period, I had new blogs uploaded on the 17th of every month. I am going to let the 17th go, at least for now, because there is so much new stuff happening for which I need and make time. Of course I will keep you informed when new blogs are uploaded through the social media channels.

What is this new stuff I am talking about?

  • I would like to make some changes on the blog. I would like to experiment with vlogs and podcasts, so I am currently looking for someone who can help me with that. I think you all know by now that I am no wizzkid…at all…so that’s a challenge.
  • I am very busy writing a book, which is a whole new ballgame. And with this book, a cascade of other ideas came along, as it often works in my head. Of course, you can benefit of the ideas in due time. They will pop up in the webshop and on Facebook.
  • And last but not least, I am in the process of creating my own self-publishing label. Whooooo, exciting, exciting! For all of this I got myself some lovely help and interesting courses.

I think you can see where I am coming from when I say that there are not enough hours in a day. I will keep you informed!

See ya!!!

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