Ayurvedic morning ritual

It’s important to take good care for yourself. So, an ayurvedic morning ritual follows here.

  • Get up early at the crack of dawn. Sleeping in on a regular basis will drain your energy.
  • Start the day with going to the toilet to get rid of yesterday’s waste.
  • Cook water.
  • Brush your teeth, scrape your tongue to get rid of the bacteria that built up during the night. This will also help against periodontitis. I elaborated on periodontitis in a blog last month.
  • The ritual of oil pulling. I will tell you all about oilpulling in a separate blog this month.
  • The ritual of Nasya. I will tell you all about Nasya in a separate blog this month.
  • Drink a glass of the cooked water. This will flush your system. It takes toxins out. It will also kickstart your digestive process.
  • Meditate. It doesn’t have to be long, but just enough so you have a foundation of rest and peace under your day. I guess you can spare a few minutes?
  • Abhyanga. I elaborated on the practise of Abhyanga in a blog last month.
  • Do some exercises, do some stretches. This will energise your body; your whole system and it brings happy hormones into your system.
  • Then have a shower and let everything that is not yours, flush away.

What a great way to start each day! What? You don’t have time to do ‘all this’? Don’t push yourself, but just try one or two of these new routines and see how it makes you feel. Every little step helps toward a healthy lifestyle, better health, more energy, more of that stuff called happiness.

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