Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic medicine wherein the body is massaged with a dosha specific warm oil. A practitioner can do the massage, but you can also do it yourself. 

Abhyanga has a cleansing effect and it relaxes. It has a strengthening effect on the nervous system, it relieves stress, fatigue and insomnia. It improves resistance, because bloodcirculation and the lymphatic system are stimulated. The joints and muscles are relaxed, the tissues are fed and it has an analgesic effect. In short, it balances physically, emotionally and mentally.

This massage was originally used as a disease prevention, but it can also help to heal various complaints and as such it will be part of a treatment plan. The massage oil is adjusted to your personal constitution (dosha) and/or complaints. The oil works on balancing the doshas and on cleaning the tissues and the energy channels. In Chinese Medicine those channels are called meridians and in Ayurvedic Medicine they are called nadis.

I personally perform the abhyanga every day, it is part of my care ritual and my dry skin and I benefit from it. I use warm coconut oil, but you can also use warm unroasted sesame oil. With this I rub myself in completely and then step under a warm shower to rinse off the exess. A cold after-shower and I am ready for the day. No further soap or shower gel in plastic needed, so also good for the environment!

You could also use Ubtan. Ubtan consists of Ayurvedic herbs. You can use is as a very mild scrub and to replace soap. You can also make a facemask of it. It makes the skin real soft.

Feel free to use the comment button to share your experiences with Abhyanga and/or Ubtan.

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