Looking back on 2019,

I can say it has been a year of healing and new projects. New projects, such as my herbal education, the construction of my herbal garden, expanding this blog, finding guestbloggers on certain subjects (and boy, was I lucky to find some beautiul, strong and wise women!) writing on my herbal book, plans for the webshop.

The first blogs came online on December 31 and they have been found by many readers for which I am ever so grateful. Soon, unsolvable technical problems started and luckily, I found a great technical assistent, whom I lovingly call ‘my wizzkid’. He made a brand new website, transferred the blogs from the old website to the new one, so they are still available to readers (you can find them in the archives) and he offered me to assist me with the technicalities of the blog, which makes me so happy and grateful, since it is just not my cup of tea and probably never will be.

At first, Mary and I did the blogs together, but in October 2019, she decided to quit due to her lack of time, but, luckily for all of us, she will be staying on as a guestblogger. So, that was another change. A new header ‘guestbloggers’ was made to give every guestblogger the place they deserve.

As you might have noticed, the theme of this month is gratitude. And not just for this month…As of January 2020, I will launch a new Facebook group on which everyone can post where they are grateful for! Let’s make this thread, this ‘attitude of gratitude’ go viral!


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