How can you reduce stress through your house?

Stress is a great problem in the world today for a lot of people. You can reduce your stress level in different ways, such as me-time, mindfulness, meditation, reading a book, sports, healthy food and so on. Have you ever heard you can reduce stress through your house?

Your house contains a lot of energy, your house is the mirror of your life and vice versa. We can all feel the energy of a house. Do you recognise that you feel comfortable in one house and not in the other? That’s the energy or vibe of the house you feel. For stress reducing, it is important that there are no energy flow blockages. Today I want to help you with important steps to make the energy flow into your house. These steps are very easy and you can do it by yourself. The steps are based on the knowledge of the classic fengshui where a good energy flow is central to possibilities, health and success in your life.

Do you walk with me through your house? When walking through the steps, it has added value when you look at your house and surroundings as if you see it for the first time.

We start outside. The energy comes into the house from the outside, so make sure the frontdoor is easy to reach and clearly located. Walk from the street to your frontdoor; do you encounter any obstacles? Is the gardenpath easy to walk on? Is the frontdoor visible? It is important that the energy can go in, otherwise the energy will stagnate inside the house. This is not good for your health and for your stresslevel. So, remove obstacles, make the frontdoor and the way to it visible. For example, place plant pots next to the front doorso hatt it is marked.

After this, we go inside and come into your hall. From here, the energy spreads through your house. Does the hall give a feeling of being welcome? Do you get a spacious feeling? Are there obstacles such as cupboards, bags and shoes? Remove the obstacles. Hang a mirror in the hall to enlarge the space, it may hang everywhere, but not directly opposite the front door. Now we are going upstairs; are you going with me? The energy goes up here. Are the stairs easy to walk on? Do the stairs feel safe? Here, you clear the obstacles too. By moving in your house, you activate the energy.

Now you go to all the rooms upstairs. Is it clear what function the room has? A quiet bedroom, calm colours and preferably without many devices such as a television. An active office where you can concentrate well. Take your time to visit all your rooms upstairs, to watch and feel the vibes of the rooms, clean the rooms and use colours that feel good.

We talked extensively about the obstacles and/or the mess in your house. There are still a number of things, that make sure there is a healthy flow in your house. One of them is a light house, it is important that there is light in the house. The best is natural light through the windows, otherwise lamps. Illuminate dark places with lamps. An other one  are the corners in your house. Don’t make a mess in your corners. The energy flows back into space from the corners. The last one for now are flowers and plants. Chose real nature in your house. Plants purify and they are really decorative. They turn your house into a comfortable home. The vibes of plants are great.

When you start with this great walk to and in your house and take action, you will create a good base. It will feel great, comfortable and it will make you feel at home in your own house.

So, your house can help you to reduce stress and create a better health. Of course you will understand, if I say these tips are not to avoid going to a doctor with health issues. Take your responsability in this.

I am sure you will feel the difference in your house. Look into the mirror of your house.


Phili Hoogsteder is the owner of Studio Binnengewoon. She is a fengshui consultant. She gives personal advice for a better health, better life and a better career. Her knowledge is based on the classical fengshui en Bazi (oriental character anaysis to know your talents and oriental astrology) and food, all based on the five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. She combines these methods to make her advice specific for your house and person to take the best personal actions.

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