Living according to the Chinese five element theory means that it is now wintertime, the season of the water element. This season is the season to enter your home en yourself, just like nature. Nature withdraws to prepare itself for one new spring. I ask myself what is going well and do I wat to keep it, what do I want to say goodbye to, but especially what am I grateful for? I want to let grow the seeds of gratitude and I like sharing with all people to make them aware of their ow gratitude.

This year was a year of many decisions and changes. I have made decisions concerning my health and the results are great. I have made decisions to follow my heart in the mission that I have to give people insights into themselves for a better life. I am so grateful I can do that. The thing that I am grateful for, that I want to love and grow, is the love for my husband, children, family, friends, clients and all the other people around me. The most important things are not material. We live in a world with a lot of luxury. I don’t think that is the most important goal in itself and never a goal in itself for me, but I am grateful to have the possibility to use it, because it serves a great purpose for me. I am grateful for the food that made me healthier and at last I am grateful for my computer, because this is a way to communicate with your. Yes, I am very grateful to be me.

That’s what I wish for all of you: be grateful to be your!


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