The mineral Magnesium plays an important role in the body. This mineral is rightfully a centipede. It works upon: the bone production, maintaining strong bones, is important for strong teeth. It provides support in reducing fatigue. It is partly responsible for the proper functioning of the nerves. It has a good influence on the cell […]


In the stress common thread, I now would like to address yoga as a possibility to reduce stress and burn-out. There are different types of yoga. In this blog I will give three. The traditional form of Hatha yoga consists essentially of body exercises (the so called asana’s), breathing training and relaxation. Body and mind […]

When life gives you lemons, make limonade!

There is a reason, actually there are many reasons, for saying that! Starting your day with a glas of warm water with lemon. Why would you even consider this minor lifestyle change? *Lemon reduces chronic inflammation* Chronic inflammation plays a part in (rheumatic) arthritis of osteoarthritis. Chronic inflammation is caused by, amongst other things, unhealthu […]

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