Trauma 2

One of last months blogs, dealt with the subject of trauma. Trauma is an energetic impact on your system that can occur when something happens that makes you feel unsafe and scared.

This can cause a series of chain reactions in your body and unsettle the chemicals in your brain. Trauma is hard for the body-mind to deal with and you might need professional help to teach your body-mind to feel safe again. Methods, like for example Body Stress Release, address to trauma without reliving it. Sometimes returning to the place where the trauma occurred can be helpful to find out what exactly is causing the body-mind reactions and that might be something different as what you think it is. It might be a smell, a sound, something you saw, something you tasted. In my case it was feeling completely helpless and having to surrender in a hospital, where they nearly had me killed before.

There is also ‘the 5 senses method’ you might want to try to keep you grounded if professional help is not (yet) available. Use the following prompts to go through your environment in 5 senses.

  1. Use your eyes, look around and call aloud or whisper 5 things you see.
  2. Use your ears and call aloud or whisper 5 things you hear.
  3. Use your smell and call aloud or whisper a few things you smell.
  4. Use your taste and call aloud or whisper something you taste.
  5. Use your touch and call aloud or whisper something you touch.

In my own experience, especially touch is a great way to ground yourself physically and keep your mind in the here and now. For example: I feel cold, I can feel my feet, the surface of this wall is lumpy, I feel the pillow against my face. An object can be a powerful tool for fidgetting and  therefore for refocussing. Also, your breathe can be a great tool. Your breathe is partly unconsious and partly concious. You can influence trauma/panic, by taking slow, deep breaths. Your breath is like a remote control for your brain. On a whole different level: something special and sacred happens when you allow what is, without influencing it…

I hope this blog was helpful for you. Feel free to let me know in the comment section or by hitting the contactbutton!


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  1. Wonderful! I use the Touch Five system all the time; it really works. Thank you for sharing your journey…

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