My last night in hospital, the idea of a healthblog was given to me. I still don’t know where it came from, so I see it as a present. A present that I am still unpacking for your benefit! Also the colours and the layout came through very clear: there should be poppies on the blog. No idea why, but I listened and ran with it.

Around the anniversary of my surgery, I started to develop all kind of complaints, which scared the hell out of me at first. So, I booked a session with a trauma counselor on the surgical ward. That was the first time I consciously saw that there was wallpaper with poppies on the surgical ward. Unbelievebly wonderful how the human body-mind works! It registers and the registration only becomes conscious when the time is right; when you stop and smell the flowers, so to say. Not consciously registering what is going on, is called dissociation in psychology. It’s a protection-coping mechanism.

Poppies. I love poppies. I have them in my herbal garden as well. But where does a poppy stand for?  

A poppy is a symbol of war and surgery sure is a very agressive act on the body-mind, although generally life-saving. A poppy looks vulnerable, but it comes back up every time. It spreads itself and it makes other poppies grow and bloom. A poppy cannot grow on stationary soil, a poppy needs movement, just like we humans do. Life is constantly flowing, moving and it’s movement that provides growth. A poppy cannot be forced. If you pick it, it will wither almost immediately.

A poppy gives relaxation and balances light and dark. It integrates cosmic and earthly energy. A poppy opens you up for new insights and connects you with universal consciousness.

I don’t know who came up with the idea of having poppy-wallpaper on the surgical ward, but it sure hit home for me!


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