Trauma 2

One of last months blogs, dealt with the subject of trauma. Trauma is an energetic impact on your system that can occur when something happens that makes you feel unsafe and scared. This can cause a series of chain reactions in your body and unsettle the chemicals in your brain. Trauma is hard for the […]


Fascia is the connective tissue of the body. It forms a web of connective tissue that is filed throughout the human body. Many animals, like horses and dogs also have fascia. Fascia provides, amongst other things, support, protection, damping and structure. It is both flexible as extremely strong. Fascia surrounds muscles and organs and provides […]


The herb of this month is sage. Sage leaves are mainly used in Mediterranean cuisine. It is a very aromatic herb. You can use the fresh and the dried leaves and it is mainly used in warm dishes. Sage goes very well with meat dishes, such as chicken or pork. It fits in gravy and […]


Our old friend Hippocrates said: ‘Walking is a man’s best friend’. Walking is a great way to destress. And why? What happens with your body when you walk 30 minutes, preferably, daily? It will enhance brainfunctions. It is said that it might prevent early dementia and the risk of Alzheimers and it will improve your […]