What happened?

Hi dear readers, a little word from me on what happened from March till the end of July.

Let me start by saying that Myoki and I are very happy with the 4400+ readers. Thank you very much for visiting our blogs. As you all know, we had a lot of trouble with Simplesite and we were not able to fix it, so now we have a new page. We hope this new site is easy to navigate for you?

Last April I started with sleeping therapy for my sleep apnea. She taught me some breathing techniques and we discussed how I could handle my energy during the day. All of it helped somewhat, but it did not have the result I was hoping for. I am still looking for a solution. I am studying on this subject and I am sure some solution will come up.

In the last few months, Myoki and I visited several herbal gardens and we are enthousiastic what herbs can do for your health. That is the reason why we will blog more often about herbs and what they can do for you. Also, the people we spoke to about the herbs and herbal medicine are enthusiastic and can tell beautiful stories. Their enthusiasm is contagious and we hope we can infect you to with this wonderful gift of Mother Nature!

Last year December, I started with a fitness program and I had to start from the bottom. I made continuous progress and I moved up two stages. Things are looking good and I am satisfied with how things are progressing.

Besides studying sleeping patterns and sleep apnea, I am also studying the intestines, how (mental)health is depending on good working intestines. This year, our blogs were all about stress. Coming year, the intestines and all that comes with it, becomes the common thread of our blogs. So be on the lookout!


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